The XELERATOR increases pitching speed and accuracy by perfecting the pitching plane. The Xelerator develops a pitching plane that promotes both a long arm and a perfected line of force that translates into the maximum velocity possible while staying within the pitching plane and power line.

The more I use this tool, the better I like it. I started out a little skeptical (as usual) and liked what I experienced when I was using it myself. I have loaned my personal Xelerator to several of my students and we are seeing results. This tool is going to become part of my regular instruction and it should be part of your pitching regimen as well.

- Ron Holt - Owner & Instructor

  • The Xelerator employs self-correction feedback that can eliminate bad pitching habits learned over years of practice resulting in improved technique and increased speed.
  • The Xelerator is perfect for beginners because it will not allow bad habits to form. It forces the user into the correct pitching plane that leads to increased speed and accuracy.
  • The Xelerator decrease training time from hours to minutes by allowing a pitcher to replicate up to 100 pitches per minute by continuing the pitching circular motion and not having to stop between pitches.
  • The Xelerator is perfect as an addition to your warm-up drills. A quick 1-turn per second rate provides a 1-minute warm-up with 60 full turns stretching and encouraging that long-arm, full up and down shape, reinforcing that all-important muscle memory.

Go take a look at it - watch the YouTube Video and look how it makes Perfect Sense. Once you see what this tool is doing for you, you'll want to come back here and put one in your shopping cart!
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