The Perfect Circle

As a pitching instructor, I am constantly reminding pitchers to keep that bottom part of the circle in close to the thigh. If you pitch, you've probably heard it over and over. However, what do you do when you are practicing without someone to notice and remind you when your arms get to far away from your thigh at the bottom? The LAST thing you want to do is to develop this mistake into your muscle memory. The Answer is THE PERFECT CIRCLE. It is simple, compact, and easy to use. It fits in your bat bag, in your training bucket, or even in your pocket. If you are a windmill pitcher, this is a MUST! It will be the best investment you make in your pitching. THE PERFECT CIRCLE is a training system designed to teach the proper placement of the hand in the release zone. This training system is a great pitching aid whether you are working on basic mechanics or on the advance pitching mechanics of the windmill motion such as: FASTBALL, CHANGE-UP, DROPBALL, SCREWBALL, RISEBALL, AND CURVEBALL.

Medium = 12" - 14"
Large = 15" - 17"

As low as $24.95
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