Spin-Right Spinner

The Softball Spinner is a training aid designed to teach the spins and rotation directions of the softball. Endorsed by pitching guru Ernie Parker, the Softball Spinner is a great pitching aid whether you are working on the basics of releasing the fastball or the advanced spins of the rise, curve, or drop. Used at many of the top collegiate programs throughout the country, the Softball Spinner provides instant feedback to pitchers, catchers, and coaches. Although the Softball Spinner was originally designed for pitchers, I have found it helps to correct fundamentals of overhand throwing as well. An Instructional Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92rC12ue34kwill help you understand how to obtain the greatest benefit from the training tool.

I personally use these in my own instruction. I can see the spin on a ball quickly. However, I find that many of my students do not. The spin is the essence of the pitch. Let's face it, physics, and more specifically the Bernoulli Principle dictates how the ball moves, it has to rotate with the properties of that pitch. If you can't see it rotating, you can't trouble-shoot it. The shape of the spinner allows you see the spin easier than a ball. - Ron Holt

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