Softball Glove Mallet


Speed up the break-in of your softball glove using a glove mallet. The Glove Mallet uses an 11" ball to create a pocket that will be a tight fit for either 11" or 12" balls. All you have to do is:

1.) Wipe your new glove down with your glove conditioner (I recommend our own GLOVE MOJO Conditioner). Rub it into the entire glove - laces and stitching as well.
2.) Whack the glove with the Glove Mallet.

Well...there's a little more to it than that, but that's the general idea. The Glove Mallet works WAY better because it is a softball - building a softball-shaped pocket! There are 2 primary zones that need loosening up on a glove to properly break it in. The Heel of the glove and the pocket itself. The heel of is where the glove hinges. The heel laces are tightly wrapped and need to be loosened a bit. You need to work the heel of the glove by rolling it back and forth - turn the glove upside-down facing away from you down and hold it by the thumb & pinky-finger. Raise and lower your right and left hand in an alternating pattern to bend the heel from the thumb to the pinky. Place the glove on the floor and pound the heel with the Glove Mallet to stretch those laces just a bit. Hammer the laces and hammer a pocket into the glove.

Then you need to play catch. Always keep a ball in the glove - consider purchasing a Glove is made for that specific purpose.

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