Salinas SB3 FP Softball Catcher's Mitt 32.5"

**AWESOME ALERT** You are looking at it; The "TYRANNOSAURUS REX" of Fastpitch Softball Catcher's Mitts. These mitts are hand-crafted in Mexico, one at a time with thicker leather and more padding than most fastpitch catcher's mitts. The leather is stiffer and tougher and the mitt is stitched tight, but once you break it in, it is buttery soft, yet firm enough to hold its shape properly. I have extensive first-hand experience with this mitt. You'll never switch mitts again. From the moment you put this mitt on, you will realize it outclasses everything else out there. I've caught for years and I've tried and tested more mitts that I care to remember ...including 'that famous fastpitch softball mitt from Nocona, TX'. This mitt beats them all hands down. This mitt is very similar to the mitt made in Nocona, TX in cut and size, but has fixed well known problems in the thumb and palm area. Better padding in the palm and thumb area means W-A-Y more comfort. Just more 'hot-spots' at the base of your index finger or on your thumb.

This is THE FINEST FAST-PITCH CATCHER'S MITT on the market. I've done my research. The only rival to this catcher's mitt is the Guerrero SB27 (which I also sell).

99% of the time, I receive this mitt in ALL BLACK. However, sometimes, I get a little deviation...and I take whatever I can get, whenever I can get it. The color deviation is always slight...such as; Black with a little bit of gray stitching or piping. But it ALWAYS looks great. This slight deviation, in my opinion is negligible and nothing to be concerned about with respect to the appearance of the mitt. Different colors are available. I don't have any control over what is in stock, but we *CAN* special order for will take several weeks, but we can make them in different colors.

**CATCHERS** - you more than anyone else should know the importance of equipment. You owe it to yourself to seek out and use the finest quality equipment you can to help you play to your potential...this is the mitt you've been looking for.

**PARENTS** - You spend hours on a bucket catching your daughter. You pay for the lessons, and you also put in the time...get a good mitt and make the whole experience more enjoyable.

**COACHES** - Most teams and leagues have provisions for providing a catcher's mitt. Don't get a crummy mitt. Provide quality equipment...everyone benefits from it.

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