Salinas 457 Basket Web 13"

This glove plays well for both Softball and Baseball.

SOFTBALL This is my #1 selling glove. It is a 13" glove, but because of the deep pocket formed because of the fingers bent forward, it plays small. I have many-many players playing middle infield with this glove, as well as pitchers, 3rd Basemen and Outfielders. This glove changes positions with you and does it all.

BASEBALL This glove is an excellent choice for outfielders.

These gloves are a little stiff and therefore a little hard to break in, but they are quality leather and that's the price you have to pay for a hand-made glove with quality leather.

I sell a ton of this model glove and I never get any complaints!

Usually this glove is all black. If you want a 2-tone, please call me first so we can find out what is available. 2-Tones are available, but inconsistent and somewhat random. Sometimes I can get some very cool combinations of colors, like a black palm with a red back...very cool looking! Sometimes they are black with a colored brown lacing or gray lacing. I don't have any control over what is in stock, but we *CAN* special order for will take several weeks, but we can make them in different colors.

As low as $129.99
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