Salinas 440 Basket Web 12"

If you prefer a smaller softball glove, this 12" Salinas 440 is THE ONE. The glove is designed for the middle infielder who prefers the smaller, quicker gloves. This is a GREAT BASEBALL as well. If you are not familiar with the Salinas will be. These gloves are hand crafted in Mexico and are some of the best gloves I have ever seen. I have taken more gloves apart than you can imagine. I look for quality in the leather, padding, stitching, lacing and craftsmanship. After taking Salinas gloves apart and inspecting them - I have seen that they are top-notch. Quality leather, excellent padding and materials as well as the craftsmanship all really show in these gloves. I try hard to keep them in stock, but they sell fast and they are sometimes difficult hard to get. If there is a slight delay in shipping your glove, you can be assured that they are worth the wait! Although the colors sometimes vary, I usually have them in all black in the basket web or black with a subtle accent of gray or sometimes with a black palm and a saddle-tan back. I have never seen an ugly Salinas glove. I would trade the color difference for the quality any day.

  • Basket Weave Web (or Double H - let me know your preference)
  • Deep Round Pocket
  • Conventional back
  • 'X'-laced fingers
  • Reinforced Thumb Stabilizer
As low as $129.99
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