Salinas 100T 1st Base Mitt 13"

Another amazing mitt from Salinas. Handmade in Mexico from thick, stiff leather that is difficult to break in, but will last for a long time. Once you get it broken in, you will "throw rocks" at your other's THAT GOOD! I have had my hands in and used many-many high dollar, custom mitts. this is about as good as it gets and the only way you will get another mitt of this caliber is to pay double this price.

2-Tones are available, but inconsistent and somewhat random. Sometimes they are the 'creme' color shown, other times, they are black with a colored brown lacing or gray lacing. I don't have any control over what is in stock, but we *CAN* special order for will take several weeks, but we can make them in different colors. In all the years I have been selling this Salinas 1st Base Mitt, I have had one returned. It was 8-months after the sale and the leather tore. Salinas replaced the mitt at no charge to the customer or me! THAT'S a company that stands by their product! Try that with one of the 'Big Companies'...they will tell you buy another glove. With Softball Solutions and Salinas, you are not just another are a respected customer looking for a better product and we partner to make that happen!

As low as $129.99
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