RIP-IT Defense Softball Fielder's Mask


When RIP-IT introduced their DEFENSE mask in mid-January of 2009, Softball Solutions was right there with them bringing you another first-rate, cutting-edge product (which is what we do best). From day one, this mask has been our #1 seller. The RIP-IT Defense is the highest-performing defensive face mask available for softball. Built from the same high performance lightweight steel alloy as the RIP-IT Face Guard for batting helmets, the RIP-IT Defense gives players greatly improved visibility over other defensive face masks. This mask is perfect for pitchers, 1st Base, 3rd Base...all infielders and even for mom or dad when they sit on the bucket and catch their pitcher.

While other defensive face masks have clear plastic shields or many bars that obstruct a player's view when looking down to field a ground ball, the RIP-IT Defense is designed to provide a better view for players when fielding ground balls. The RIP-IT Defense is also a great practice tool to give younger kids greater confidence while learning to field. It has a more familiar look from the wearer's perspective, similar to a batting face mask which they are already used to. So in little or no time, the players are completely comfortable playing defense with this mask on.

**Consider purchasing additional chin cups (yep - we sell 'em). It is only a matter of time before the chin cup gets lost or worn out. It Velcro's on and the kids play with know they can't leave the Velcro it off, stick it on, rip it off, stick it on...until it does not hold as well as it used to or it gets lost. Without the chin cup, the mask is not wearable.

No matter what age, if I get a customer in my store to try on all the defensive masks, they select the RIP-IT 99% of the time.

Youth Size is for kids 12 and Under

Adult version is one size fits most players 13 years old and up.

Every year, the games of softball and baseball get faster. The kids are 'Bigger-Better-Faster-Stronger'. Pitchers are pitching faster. The High-Tech bats are hitting balls faster. And the facial injuries are becoming more and more frequent. Facial injuries can be devastating and life altering. When most people think about facial injuries, they immediately think about the mouth and teeth. That can be bad enough, but the REAL fear is the eyes and the orbits surrounding the eyes. Those bones are thin and a hard hit can shatter those thin brittle bones and cave in on the sinus cavities. Damage to the eyeball itself is a very real possibility. EVERY INFIELDER should be wearing a facial mask when playing defense.

There was a time when people scoffed at wearing batting helmets. Now they are mandatory *everywhere* - even in Professional Leagues. There was a time when wearing a face mask on a batting helmet was considered "for sissies". Now they are mandatory in most places. Soon defensive face masks will be mandatory. It's all fun and games until it happens to you. DON'T TAKE CHANCES. Protect your kids now. - Ron Holt

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