RIP-IT Defense Chin Cup

This is the RIP-IT Defense Chin Cup ONLY (HINT: buy two - keep a back-up). You no longer have to purchase a new mask or a complete padding replacement kit just because you've lost the chin-cup. Now we offer JUST THE CHIN CUP.

We have found that after a period of time, the chin cups on the RIP-IT Defense mask take a beating and are the most likely item to need to be replaced due to wear or loss. And you *know* it is going to happen at an inconvenient time...and based on our experience so far, they are frequently out of stock at the manufacturer. When we get them - we get a TON of them.

RIP-IT has a history of shortages of these chin cups. When we get them, we get a LOT ...and they are either already spoken for or sold out within a few weeks. The only way to ensure you will get one is to place your order so we can ship it as soon as we get them. Get yours NOW! Its only a matter of time before you'll need one.
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