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Stop wasting your warm-up time by sitting on a bucket and soft-tossing to your players. POP-TOSS is a new an exciting "soft toss" batting tee we have all been waiting for. It is not a toy. It is a well-made, rugged, hitting tool! It is light-weight, portable, requires no batteries or electricity. It works by using the knob of the bat to press the spring-loaded plunger down. It is available in 4 different styles:

  • ==> FLEX tee (BLACK) - for softballs, Boys Baseball, T-Ball / Indoor
  • ==> Slow-Pitch Softball (GREEN) - higher toss for slow-pitch arc

    Each POP-TOSS is designed for a specific audience. For example, the FLEX tee is flexible for boys and girls and flexible balls (softball, baseball, whiffle ball, foam ball). The Slow-Pitch gives a higher toss much like the arc in slow pitch. The POP-TOSS allows the players to get their swings in without the requirement of another person doing the tossing or hitting off of a boring Tee. Players, how many more swings you would get in if you did not need someone else to toss the ball for you? Coaches, imagine how much more productive your team practices would be if you had several of these set up at stations? The prices are low enough to justify several for your team!

    ** REQUIRES NO ELECTRICITY OR BATTERIES! It fits in a 5-gallon bucket so you can carry it around easily. Now its easy and inexpensive to own your own soft-toss batting machine! You just use the knob of your bat and press the spring-loaded plunger down, place the ball on it, position yourself and wait for it to **POP**...then swing away.

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