Perfect Pitcher Kit #3

This combination of tools is perfect for Beginners, Intermediates or Advanced pitchers and is the ticket for your improvement no matter what level you are currently at. Whether you are looking for more speed or more accuracy you need to understand the physics and the kinesiology behind the motion...and you must reinforce the correct muscle memory. This combination of tools does just that.

'In The Circle' contains a full CD course on the mechanics of fastpitch softball pitching. Utilizing the 'Quadrants System', this educational CD teaches proper pitching mechanics and explains the motion by reducing the circle down to manageable progressions. The teaching methodology on the CD incorporates embedded video in an e-book full of explanation and photographs. This education system is great for the beginner to get started. But it goes beyond that by covering intermediate and advanced concepts as well as some general coverage of additional pitches.

'The Xelerator' reinforces the shapes taught in the instructional CD and assists in achieving the proper extension and pitching plane necessary for accuracy and speed. It also is a tremendous warm-up tool that will never outlive its usefulness. The Xelerator comes with an instructional DVD to help you understand how to effectively use the product.

'The Perfect Circle' teaches the pitcher how to stay close a the bottom of the circle and brush close to the thigh. As a Pitching Instructor, I am constantly reminding my students to stay close to their ear at the top and close to their thigh at the bottom.

'The Spinner' teaches proper rotations. Spin is everything...if you do not understand the spin and how it SHOULD look and how it relates to your release, you will never understand how to correct mistakes.

**Note - the CD's and DVDs contained herein were written for and tested with PC. I cannot guarantee their compatibility with MAC.

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