In The Circle - Fastpitch Softball Pitching CD

Fastpitch Softball Pitching Secrets Revealed! Pitch faster with more accuracy using my 'Quadrants System'.

  • Understand the proper mechanics for Fastpitch Softball Pitching.
  • Are you a beginner looking to get started properly?
  • Are you an intermediate pitcher searching for more speed?
  • Are you an advanced pitcher who does not really understand what you are doing?
  • Need a "2nd Opinion" for what you are currently being taught.
  • Are you are a parent or coach who just does not understand how to assist your pitchers.
You do not have to struggle and fight and argue. There is an easier, more efficient way. My 'Quadrants System' is the answer.

Ron Holt - Owner / Instructor

This CD is packed with great information about the fastpitch softball pitching motion. The CD contains an e-book and over 30-minutes of accompanying video and it plays right on your PC. It breaks the motion down into 'bite-sized' portions and teaches you not only 'how', but 'why'. Each segment builds on previous segments and includes video on each checkpoint so you can watch and hear what you just read about. This unique combination of interactive 'Read It -- Watch It -- Hear It' technology aids greatly in the learning process and is far superior to any plain video format. You can also print the book out and take it with you!

While it focuses mainly on the fastball motion, there are other chapters which include various topics from having more productive practices, to general descriptions and grips about other, more advanced pitches.

If you are struggling with your pitching, this CD will help. If you are not sure about what your instructor is teaching, this CD will help confirm proper techniques. If you just want to learn more about what is actually going on in the fastpitch motion, this CD is for you. I have had many people purchase this CD and then conduct their own Beginner's Clinics for their local league. I've heard back from many collegiate pitchers who said they did not really understand what they were doing until they read my book and watched my videos.

**NOTE - This CD was developed and tested on a PC. I cannot guarantee it's compatibility with MAC.

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