Guerrero MZ-34 First Base Mitt 13.5"

Guerrero Gloves are hand-crafted in Mexico and I am telling you that these gloves and mitts are second to none. I can't believe they don't cost twice this. Just to satisfy my own curiosity, I actually took several Guerrero gloves apart just to see if they were using cheap components internally. The answer is a resounding 'No'. These gloves are top-notch. Having tested and abused many gloves and mitts, including the 'Big Names', Guerrero is certainly one of the best I have found.

This 1st-Base Mitt is a standard 13.5" size with tried and true Double H web to snare that ball and trap it in the glove. It has a closed back with a finger slot and an adjustable wrist strap. Available in black only.

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