Guerrero LX-80 Fielder's Glove 13"

Another prime example of Guerrero Glove's commitment to quality and craftsmanship. This 13" Fielder's Glove is an amazing glove! You are going to see this glove on the's just a matter of time until the word gets out. From the time you pick this glove up, you can see and feel the quality in these hand-crafted gloves from Mexico. Out of curiosity, I took one of these glove apart to see if they were using inferior components. What I found was top-notch leather, padding, lacing - all of the components are superior. And the craftsmanship really shines on these gloves. Slap a 'Big' name on this glove and it sells for twice the price with no complaints.

This 13" Glove has the tried and true Double H web and an open back. It is available in solid black or two-tone.

As low as $134.99
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