Glove Locker


Don't mistreat your glove! This makes me **CRAZY** !! People buy a quality glove and then before you know it, the glove is folded in half and creased and the pocket is all messed up. If you are going to spend money on a good quality glove, go ahead and buy a Glove Locker and protect the shape of your glove.

Simple to use, ruggedly built and made to last, the Glove Locker is made of neoprene and will snug tightly around your glove and lock a ball into position in the pocket with a large patch of Velcro. Once you wrap your glove up with the Glove Locker, you can then toss it in your bat bag and not worry about your cleats smashing your glove or the ball falling out or any number of other mishaps that can mess up your glove. think about how many times you see a glove laying on the floor of the dugout...getting stepped on and kicked around. ...drives me insane!

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