Game Face - Fielder's Mask


Designed for fastpitch softball and baseball players alike, the GameFace reduces chances of facial/jaw/dental injuries. For use in practice and in the game. Ideal for players with braces or glasses. The GameFace can help aid injured players return to play quicker by providing protection of the injury during recovery. It builds player confidence by reducing fear of injury during the game. GameFace is made of ultra-lightweight and extremely strong polycarbonate (the same material used for bullet-proof glass) and utilizes a unique honeycomb design, which provides superior strength. It is ventilated for cooling and provides for visibility. High-impact adjustable foam pads provide maximum comfort and protection and it has an adjustable strap. Approved by NSA, ASA, ISA AND NFHS. Many states, leagues, associations and organizations are making these masks *mandatory*. As that happens, the demand will go up, the supply will go down and you know what that means...price increases. There are rumors of price increases already...get one while you can at this price.

The game gets faster every year. The pitchers throw faster. Bat technology is constantly improving. The players are bigger and stronger and they hit the balls harder and faster. If you pitch or play 3rd base, you are especially vulnerable to 'come-backers'. But all infielders run the risk of being hit in the face. ALL INFIELDERS are exposed to facial injuries and should wear this protective mask to prevent facial injuries. Not too long ago, we scoffed at the idea of batters wearing chinstraps or facemask...and then both became mandatory. Many states have already mandated that all infielders must wear a facemask. The reality is that bad hops and 'come-backers' happen in the blink of an eye. Facial injuries in the eye orbit, cheek, nose and teeth can be 'Life-Altering' accidents that impact you for the rest of your life...protect your kids. - Ron Holt

Measure like you would for a hat. Measure around the player's head about an inch above the eyebrows.
Youth = up to 21-7/8"
Adult =22" and Larger

**NOTICE - Measure carefully and be certain. If you order the wrong size, you will have to pay postage both ways to exchange it. It is not fair to expect me to 'eat' the mailing fee because you ordered the wrong size.

As low as $39.99
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