BowNet - Strike-Zone Attachment

Focus your pitching to the STRIKE ZONE !

The Bow Net Strike Zone Net Attachment allows you to see the strike zone and pitch to a tighter area while keeping that large backstop in case you throw a 'zinger'. You chase fewer balls. I prefer this attachment with the BigMouth Net over other backstops. Its easy to set up, easy to take down, is ruggedly built and well-designed. this is a versatile backstop - it works GREAT behind 2nd base for Catcher Throw-Downs, or behind home plate for outfield throws.

  • - Improve your aim with target accessory
  • - Designed to develop pitching skills
  • - Attaches in seconds to coordinating net
  • - Perfect for both baseball and softball
  • - Fits on Bow Net Big Mouth Net and Bow Net Soft Toss Net
  • - Nets sold separately
  • $19.95
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