BowNet - Big Mouth

I wish I'd had several of these way back when! Whether it is for a Pitching backstop, or for Batting/Soft-Toss, the BowNet is the one you want. After years of struggling with the 'other popular hoop-style portable net', this BowNet is so easy and simple to set up and take down. It is 7' X 7', comes with a ground frame, 2 stakes, composite poles and a free zippered carry-bag! The BowNet will handle everything your hit or throw at it...from T-Ball players up through collegiate players.

Set up time is very quick...a couple of minutes, and it has no guide wires to trip over and get tangled up in.

This "Big Mouth" model has a large 'catch-area' and is perfect for either batting T work, soft toss or as a replacement for a catcher during pitching practice.
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