B'Warmer - Hand Warmer

COLD HANDS? Spring, Fall and Winter can bring some chilly temperatures to the game of softball and baseball. Here in Texas and throughout a large portion of the south, High School softball and baseball *starts* in late January. And you know as well as I do...if your hands and fingers are numb, you cannot play up to your ability. In between pitches and while sitting on the bench, the B'Warmer will help your hands stay much warmer than a Hoodie with the little front pocket. All players - not just pitchers, will benefit from keeping their hands warm. It does not interfere with your pitching or fielding motions and is PERFECT for games and practice. Small and compact, the B'Warmer fits easily into your bat bag when not in use. Add the small hand warmer heat packs and you have a toasty edge over the competition.

The B'Warmer is made with a unique insulating material that reflects body heat back to the user in both wet and cold conditions. It provides more warmth than typical fleece products and other insulators of similar thickness.

Easy to maintain, easy to use. Cover fabric is made of a durable material that is wind and water resistant.

Available in Youth and Adult Sizes. Comes in a variety of colors to match your team colors.

As low as $24.99
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