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Zone-In Pitching Target

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The Zone-In Pitching Target includes a basic unit consisting of frame, heavy-duty indoor/outdoor screen and connectors *PLUS* two Zone Isolators. In the standard configuration with no isolators attached (figure 1) it presents a multi-colored strike zone and individual pockets. The two Zone Isolators will allow coaches and pitchers to cover selected zones, leaving other zones open. This creates customized pitching drills to improve pitching accuracy and control for all types of pitches. The Zone-In can isolate the critical zones for specific pitches to enable pitching practice to be more effective by forcing the pitcher to look at the zone and pitch to the zone rather than just 'chunking in the general vicinity'.

Zone Isolator #2 is shown in figure 2. It is used to isolate single or multiple zones to limit the areas of focus and improve accuracy and consistency in those zones.

Zone Isolator #3 is shown attached in figure 3. It shows a traditional 4-corner configuration which is perfect for working the general location of each pitch.

The Zone-In Pitching Target is perfect for all ages. No catcher is required and it "grows with your pitcher", meaning as they advance in their skills, the Zone-In provides a more refined and focused target to throw to.

If you are a pitcher, you know pitching requires more practice than any other position on the field. And many times, you simply cannot find someone to catch for you. You must make your practices count. Don't just throw at a fence or a generic net or backstop. Pitch to specific zones and make your practices and all your hard work count.

NOTE: The Zone-In is THE MOST popular pitching target we sell and as a result, the manufacturer runs out of stock frequently. It is impossible to keep up with every manufacturer's stock status at all times. If you order and I do not have them in stock, I will ask the manufacturer to ship directly to you. If the manufacturer is out of stock, you will go on the waiting list and your shipment will be processed in the order it was received.

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