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RIP-IT Defense Pro Softball Fielder's Mask w/ Blackout Tech

Starting at: $49.99

The RIP-IT Defense Pro has taken defensive face masks to a new level. Now RIP-IT has designed a mask WITH A VISOR. The visor is optional - you can remove it if you don't want to wear it. But the The REAL innovation in this RIP-IT's exclusive Blackout Technology. It is the non-reflective paint coating on the inside of the mask, which reduces and eliminates glare. It works much the same way eye-black works - by absorbing reflective lighting. Along with this mask, we will also carry the replacement pad kit - which will contain a visor so you can upgrade your current mask pads and get the added benefit of adding a visor to your current RIP-IT Defense (and freshen up those pads).

About 75% of all our RIP-IT Defense orders are for the color black. So to begin with, we are only going to carry the RIP-IT Defense Pro with Blackout Technology in the color black. Other colors will come later.

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